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Can We Still Say ‘God’?

All that we are is the result of all that we have thought. – Siddhartha Gautama In the last book of the New Testament, The Revelation, we read that the Alpha and Omega are One; origin (arche) and end (telos) […]

True Light of Christ

True religion is based upon the premise that Truth, or the way of life as it really is, cannot be understood by a materialistic approach to life. Questions arising with regard to the materialistic approach and the true spiritual approach […]

What in the World is a Gnostic?

Are we witnessing a rediscovery of Gnosticism? To judge from the burgeoning new literature and the increased use of the terms “gnosis” and “Gnosticism” in popular publications, the answer would seem to be yes. Only twenty-five years ago, when one […]

Raymond Abellio: A Modern Day Cathar?

Déodat Roche may not be the only modern Cathar. Another candidate put forward for such a distinction is ‘Raymond Abellio’. Raymond Abellio is the pseudonym of French writer and political activist Georges Soulès. Already, in his choice of nom de […]

Gnostic History

Hidden History of the Secret Church

“Where is the true Church of Christ?” This is a question that has plagued Christians since the time of the apostles. For millions of believers, the Roman Catholic Church remains the ‘One True Church’ led to this day by the […]

Judas: The Greatest Disciple?

At the climax of Dante’s Inferno, the narrator and his guide, Vergil, make their way to the deepest part of hell in the centre of the Earth. Embedded there is the fallen Lucifer, a hideous, three-headed figure with batlike wings. Each […]

The Gnostics: An Interview with Tobias Churton

Tobias Churton is one of today’s most lively and spirited investigators of that underground stream of the Western tradition known as Gnosticism. He first became interested in the Gnostics while reading for a degree in theology at the University of […]

The Gospel of Mary Magdelene

Of all the earliest followers of Christ, none has sparked the level of interest generated by one particular woman – the biblical figure known as Mary Magdalene. Revered as a saint, maligned as a prostitute, imagined as the literal bride […]

Awakening to Gnosis

Prisoners of Earth Come Out

I stand in the midst of the world and in the flesh was I seen of them. And I found all men drunken, and none found I athirst (for God) among them. And my soul grieveth over the sons of […]

Out of Body Experience

Belief: A state or habit of mind in which trust confidence, or reliance is placed in some person or thing: FAITH. Gnosis: Of, relating to, or characterized by knowledge or cognition. – Webster’s Third New International Dictionary When Robert Monroe began having his […]

Awakening Our True Potential

Man is born an unfinished creature. He cannot walk or talk or feed himself. Long years of care are required to bring him to even the most minimal levels of self-sufficiency. And yet even after the typical person has reached […]

The Death & Rebirth of the Self

Ancient myths exercise such great allure that one cannot help wondering what meanings lie behind them. The great psychologist C.G. Jung suggested these myths were projections of the collective unconscious, a universal level of the mind that expresses itself in […]

Gnostic Scriptures

Rescuing the Bible from Literalism

“The world,” wrote the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, “is the totality of facts, not of things.” So it is, but facts take many forms. The hard-edged events of ordinary reality are only one form, and not always the most important. This […]

What Do the Lost Gospels Have to Teach?

Over the last century, a number of previously lost and unknown texts have come to light and illumined the origins of the main religions of the West. The most famous include the Nag Hammadi library, unearthed in Egypt in 1945, […]