Gnostic Community

Can We Still Say ‘God’?

All that we are is the result of all that we have thought. – Siddhartha Gautama In the last book of the New Testament, The Revelation, we read that the Alpha and Omega are One; origin (arche) and end (telos) […]

Gnosis vs Gnosticism

There is much misunderstanding in the minds of the students of truth as to what is really meant by the word Gnosis. The word itself is a Greek word meaning knowledge, but it does not simply refer to the popular view or […]

True Light of Christ

True religion is based upon the premise that Truth, or the way of life as it really is, cannot be understood by a materialistic approach to life. Questions arising with regard to the materialistic approach and the true spiritual approach […]

What in the World is a Gnostic?

Are we witnessing a rediscovery of Gnosticism? To judge from the burgeoning new literature and the increased use of the terms “gnosis” and “Gnosticism” in popular publications, the answer would seem to be yes. Only twenty-five years ago, when one […]

Gnostic History

Hidden History of the Secret Church

“Where is the true Church of Christ?” This is a question that has plagued Christians since the time of the apostles. For millions of believers, the Roman Catholic Church remains the ‘One True Church’ led to this day by the […]

Pre-Nicene Christianity

Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller reminds us that “having known him [Richard, Duc de Palatine] for more than twenty years the present writer can attest that this modern Gnostic leader was also profoundly learned in Gnostic scriptures and wished his church […]

Gnostic Tradition in Australia

A Gnostic study circle was established in Australia in 1886. Known as ‘The Melbourne Gnostic Society’, the group’s purpose was the study of “Theosophy and kindred matters.” Later becoming ‘The Gnostic Theosophical Society’, it was central to the foundation of […]

The War on the Cathars

The “Cathar heresy” that struck Southern France in the 13th century, and was viciously persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, remains a pool of interest and intrigue. What really happened, and what did the Cathars actually believe? Wars between nations or […]

Awakening to Gnosis

Prisoners of Earth Come Out

I stand in the midst of the world and in the flesh was I seen of them. And I found all men drunken, and none found I athirst (for God) among them. And my soul grieveth over the sons of […]

A Way to Live: The Path of Self-Knowledge

For all the scarcity in the world, one thing we never seem to be lacking is advice. We’re constantly deluged with exhortations of one sort or another – for diet, exercise, health, wealth, happiness, spiritual illumination. Of course these pieces […]

Humanity, Environment & Spirit

During the last few decades, many people have become justifiably alarmed by the continuing growth of technology. In recent years this has been augmented by the concern over global warming, which may be at least in part caused by human […]

Gnostic Scriptures

What Do the Lost Gospels Have to Teach?

Over the last century, a number of previously lost and unknown texts have come to light and illumined the origins of the main religions of the West. The most famous include the Nag Hammadi library, unearthed in Egypt in 1945, […]

Rescuing the Bible from Literalism

“The world,” wrote the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, “is the totality of facts, not of things.” So it is, but facts take many forms. The hard-edged events of ordinary reality are only one form, and not always the most important. This […]